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Video Interview – JD Fekete talks about Jacques Bertin


As you might know Jacques Bertin, the great geographer who laid the foundations of information visualization, passed away few months ago.

During the last VisWeek Jean-Daniel Fekete gave a Salute to Jacques Bertin and I was totally amazed to know all these details about him: the impact he had on our field, the way he thought about visualization, the unexplored gems hidden in his Semiology of Graphics, etc.

Then, I met Jean-Daniel at the Dagstuhl seminar on Visual Analytics (from where I am writing this post) and I wanted to know more. He actually met Jacques Bertin few years ago and I really wanted to know more about him. Plus, I thought I could making a video interview out of it! And here it is.

Interview: Jean-Daniel Fekete talks about Jacques Bertin from FILWD on Vimeo.

And oh yes … if you don’t know Jean-Daniel yet, you’d better give a look to AVIZ, the research group he leads. They have lots of solid and cool stuff. Check it out!

Note: please forgive me, the video is totally unprofessional. The intro is too long, our faces are reddish, the sound is barely ok, and my english is sloppy (I was kind of nervous), etc … but ok, the environment is nice and the content is great, be sure to check it out. Jean-Daniel reveals many interesting things.

(Many thanks to Florian for helping me and to Silvia and Carsten for being present (behind the curtains) and making the whole thing even funnier.)

I hope you’ll enjoy it. Let me know!

Source: http://fellinlovewithdata.com/interviews/video-interview-jd-fekete-talks-about-jacques-bertin


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